10X Growth Con 3

Okay so Wednesday 4:30am I was flying business class with the UK 10X Family.

What is #10XGrowthCon3 it is the largest conference of entrepreneurs on the planet 35,000 people in Marlins Stadium Miami. Created by Grant Cardone and his amazing team.

Who is Grant Cardone, well he is known also as Uncle G – I was introduced to Grant Cardone and his team around 8/9 months ago since then I have had multiple audiences with his team and the global 10X Family.

Everyone who knows me, knows I do not do things by half so I was all in. I have in the last 8 months been to 3 conferences, 1 Boot Camp & Master Minds around the world meeting GC his team and the amazing businesses he attracts. I have also been to several additional conferences but these refer to GC 10X.

It was actually after meeting Grant Cardone in Miami and speaking with him that I decided to create Success Leaves Clues.

To think #SuccessLeavesClues did not actually exist until the 16th August 2018 is crazy considering how far the new brand has come.

Grant Cardone is one of the hardest working, most disciplined people I have had the pleasure to meet several times. More importantly the people I have met at the 10X events is like nothing else I have experienced before. To be honest I have been very lucky as I have been in Diamond and when you are at the front of the room you are talking to businesses who get sh!t done.

To have a conference full of entrepreneurs is not easy but being at the very front meeting amazing people is an energy un capped a little bit like your dreams. You need to dream big achieve your dreams then dream bigger.

There is no negativity or can’t instead the energy is so positive that everyone in the room can feel it and wishes everyone to succeed. GC himself by day 2 was overcome on stage by the speech from his wife Elena Cardone who opened up to the whole audience the truth and reality behind GC. When grant took the stage straight after he himself was emotional as it was actually 50 years since his dads passing and a huge life memory hook was shared with 35,000 people.

Grant Cardone is like a Military General leading a global movement and an army of 10Xers, whilst his methods may not be fully received in global markets, it is because you need to truly understand him and what he is looking to achieve.

I have spoken with so many young people who were inspired at the event and was able to also inspire theses young people too. Growing my own network and creating even more friends around the world. Enabling my goal to have friends all over the world so that my children too can have friends all over the world.

Below are some extracts of the conference with a collection of photos, videos and images from the conference. If you want an audience with successful people you have to put yourself forward and practice fully what you preach.

I will continue adding to this blog over time as I myself digest all the content and the memories from the event but I thought I would start this journal and continue to add to it over the coming days and weeks….