Annette is taking social media by storm her ever-growing personal brand has gone from strength to strength and a great example of how consistency in personal branding can get results and be omnipresent.

Anette Joins me away from her busy schedule to share some top tips in business and advice for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Be sure to connect and follow Anette on her continued journey either via her podcast or one of her various social media channels @annette_ferg

Annette has a new online Facebook community, The Uncover Wealth Community where she shows up daily and delivers training and tips on increasing business profitability and uncovering hidden money in business.

Hema Mistry – Owner of St Peters Studio Dental Clinic AKA The Tooth Fairy.

Hema is an amazing entrepreneur otherwise known as the tooth fairy. Hema explains how her business has adapted during the lockdown and the changes Hema and her team have made during and post lockdown including the steps in place for the next lockdown.

Be sure to reach out to Hema and her team if you want a friendly professional dental practice to help you or run a checkup during these tough times. Hemas practice is open and ready for business helping people around the UK when they are unable to get help from their local practise.

Plus Hema shares some top tips and is the Number One Lioness in The Power of 18

Josh Bishop MD of EPM ENGINEERING SAS is with Ricky O’Donnell

Josh is a young Entrepreneur whos business is booming right now and going from strength to strength with some exciting times ahead with future expansion and acquisitions.

Josh is Number 8 of The Power of 18 and has huge plans for the future. A rising star in his field and is sharing some success tips in Business as well as what success looks like for him.

Be sure to connect with Josh on LinkedIn and view his new site launching Halloween. A great guy whos hunger for growth and success in all things business is amazing. Josh is pushing boundaries realising his dreams and a valued member of The Power of 18. A character who gets things done and focus and determination is why his business is so successful and changing an industry.


Charlotte Fowles – also known as The Executive Adventurer – helps corporate leaders who feel frustrated, lost or stuck to rediscover their purpose, passion and fun without sacrificing their current success. She is an author and public speaker.

Always one to practise what she preaches, she has spent a lot of her life pushing herself way outside her comfort zone in pursuits such as free-diving and scuba diving; marathon running; solo-hiking whilst on chemotherapy; and crossing the Australian outback for months in an ancient 4×4 truck. After enduring over a decade of significant personal trauma, she is an expert in resilience and creating triumph from tragedy and living life in spite of this, and she brings this epic resilience to her coaching. She is passionate about mental wellness and the outdoors and is fascinated by the combinations of these elements that can bring about incredible change.

Follow Charlotte on Instagram: @fowles.charlotte

Afro Ndiritu is a rising star on the speaking circuit and joined me in the Digital Brew as my guest sharing his story and his new Business Venture.

Afro educates entrepreneurs on how to build a 6-figure business.

Why? Because business changed his life, he went from struggling with alcohol and an abusive father to replacing that with love for entrepreneurship (and his wife).

After working in the retail sector for over 15 years, he became frustrated with the lack of fulfilment.

Afro is an award-winning entrepreneur, a keynote speaker, mentor and recently relaunched his podcast, The Afro Ndiritu Podcast and can be found at

Ryan Pinnick is with Ricky O’Donnell in the #SuccessLeavesClues – Digital Brew (Lockdown) discussing SUPERGENIUS, Conscious & Subconscious, the power of the mind and sharing top tips.

Ryan is a high demand speaker and a rising star globally on the speaking circuit, one of the busiest guys ever and someone who’s workshop made me cry uncontrollably his ability to harmonise conscious and subconscious is surreal.

An amazing guy with a great story and someone who is so funny a great character on stage and one of the highest-ranked speakers, with a huge supergenius family and network. If you want to harmonise conscious and subconscious you need to go on one of Ryan’s workshops.


David Thomson – is one of 7 people in the world who can teach Robert Cialdini’s Pre-Suasion.

Dave has been a friend for many years who has travelled the world and had audiences with many of the world’s experts whilst also commanding large crowds and sold his businesses for multi-million figures. Dave now educates in Pre-Suasion and has spent Millions on Personal Development.

Dave was one of our first ever interviewees and has given his time today to share his knowledge and Q&A to everyone who attended the #SuccessLeavesClues – Digital Brew during Lockdown

Tom joins me in the #SuccessLeavesClues – Digital Brew sharing how his business has had to evolve during COVID-19 sharing top tips for future generations, whilst also sharing top tips for business and overcoming adversity during these tough times.

Tom founded PROACTION in 2002 as a ‘once a week hobby’! His passion and dedication to Taekwon-do, Martial Arts and Fitness has grown PROACTION to what it is today, one of the largest and most successful martial arts groups in the UK.

Tom was a competitor on the International Taekwon-Do circuit, attaining 1x Bronze and 1x Silver at the European championships, 2x team bronze medals at the World Championships and countless International Gold medals.

DIGITAL BREW (Lock Down) – Tristan Griffiths interview.

I have been having some technical problems in the ManCave During Lock Down, but in the interest in being prolific not perfect I thought I would still share what we discussed. We will bring you an even Bigger show together soon.

Tristan Griffiths – Productivity, Sales & Marketing Consultant & Educator, Bestselling Author, Chief Innovation Officer ItsNomad9.

Tristan has built a brand up from Zero to 0 – 3m audience and partnering with Microsoft Proof Drinks, Merlin Entertainments all within 9 months, Tristan is keen to help others achieve similar results with SIMPLE & ACTIONABLE ADVICE

DIGITAL BREW (Lock Down) – Invictus Gold medalist Dave Watson.

Dave shared his amazing story in the #SuccessLeavesClues – #DigitalBrew from the Queen giving Dave an Orange Juice in Private Gardens and Dancing with the Queen at the Royal Ball. To His tour in Afghanistan and being blown up, his recovery to become an elite athlete.

Dave truly is an inspiration. This was one story I have been looking forward to hear.

Dave is a total legend a motivational speaker and someone who has overcome whatever the world has thrown at him.

Filmed Live during LockDown. Be sure to connect with Dave on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and visit his website


Author, Award-Winning Speaker, Business Book Creation Mentor & Publisher, Business & Personal Coach Michelle Watson is truly one of the best storytellers in the business with an amazing on-stage presence and whos Super Power is helping people take books from there head to reality.

I have had the pleasure of being coached by Michelle at one of Andy Harringtons – Speaker Universities and as someone who has been in the media business for 20 years, Michelle really is amazing. Her ability to tell a story is just fantastic.

Be sure to watch or listen on our podcast channel Michelle is an inspirational lady.


The Legend that is Ian McGill – Transformational Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. Phobias no more….. From emotional pain to a joyful life again….

Ian shared his story during the lockdown if you missed it here is the re-cap an amazing story and one that makes him a legend in my eyes and in the eyes of many, be sure to reach out and connect with Ian.

Martin O’Donnell & Gareth Bailey – DebtStream

New Tech Startup DebtStream, Martin & Gareth discuss the challenges of a new tech startup as well as the debt recovery for the digital age.

An amazing upcoming FINTECH Company, be sure to connect and listen to what the guys have to say and follow their story and future success.

SCOTT RICKSON (The Mighty One Hundred).

Scott discusses how he overcame his own adversity after being diagnosed with Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy and having over 30 heart attacks has not stopped him fulfilling and changing his dream of going from a PT to a successful business owner powered by his WHY.

Scott gives 5 top tips for loosing weight and getting healthy whilst also sharing a couple of books to add to your reading list. Scott is taking on the world with some big things to come including his new movement @FatPT


Feeling blessed thank you Debbie Lewis for inviting me to be the opening speaker at #InternationalMensDay with such incredible speakers and guests at the #MiltonKeynes NatWest Business Entrepreneur Accelerator Hub.

Ricky Covers

– His Story
– Video Sales Letters (VERY SUCCESSFUL LETTER)
– The Prolific Success Cycle
– A LinkedIn Networking Hack


Emerson discusses his up coming event on the 11th October 2019 along with some top tips and colour profiling.

Emerson has been a leading business coach for more than 14 years helping businesses of all shapes and sizes. Listen to some of the top tips from both Ricky & Emerson with a discussion on Business Coaches & Business Mentors.


Two super entrepreneurs.

Ryan travelled over 16 hours from the USA to come on the show, with only 31 hours sleep and Tommo has been all over the country speaking at events with Ben & his Business partner from Vanguard Global Solutions shaking some trees and making his mark as an ex Marine making huge changes to peoples lives.


Ben from #VGS is with Ricky, Sharing his amazing Story and his ICE Model for overcoming the wall. Drawing down on his military experience in the Marines.

Now Ben is taking on the world teaching leadership and performance, to some of the Biggest Celebrities and Businesses in the world.

Awesome guy great story, we look forward to doing some amazing things together, watch this space.


Rosie and Morgan are two very Successful business women who have flipped Bonacia to be one of the UK’s Leading print and book publishing houses.

Now taking the world by storm if you are thinking of publishing a book and want to get an Amazon best seller. Bonacia can help you do this.

Great Company, Great People and Great Successes.

So if you are looking to self publish or you want to take your book idea and make it a reality be sure to reach out to Rosie and Morgan.



Josh & Rachelle Join us on the #SuccessLeavesClues Show sharing their rags to riches story and how they are building their Empire of Solan Fitness and their coaching brand Power Couple Hustle.

This is a great story and as Fellow LIONS definitely one to watch.


Full interview with David Thomson – one of 7 people in the world who can teach Robert Cialdini’s Pre-Suasion.

Dave has been a friend for many years who has travelled the world and had audiences with many of the worlds experts whilst also commanding large crowds talking about how he built and sold his businesses for multi-million figures.

One of the #SuccessLeavesClues most Popular Shows and viewed films on Facebook.


Michael came to the Studio to tell us his story of how he set-up OnePageCRM and gave advice on what and how to launch software products. The Key is to be prolific not perfect.

A Pioneer in his field with a wealth of experience.


Darren tells us the story of how he set-up SSA (Stafford Sharp Associates) as well as trends in the industry of the recruitment world.

What is happening in the tech space, some of the challenges that businesses face in recruitment and how he places people into global brands.

As well as finding Talented artists and programmers for RJDM


With an extensive career working with an array of global brands in the automotive world David talks through his experiences and the challenges young people face looking to break into the automotive world.

Passion and Perseverance appear to be key like all sectors, so if you or and young person want to get an apprentice this knowledge can transfer to any sector.