12 Steps to help get Motivated – When You Don’t Have Motivation

So it can be difficult to get motivated especially in the current climate but here are 12 top tips that hopefully will help you find your motivation and smash your goal, both personally and in your business whatever they are. For more top tips be sure to visit successleavesclues.com and as always I wish you all the success in the world.

10 Ways to Create Cashflow

So Here are 10 Possible ways to create cashflow either in your business or personal and if one of these helps you this video has been a success.

Have an amazing day and thank you for taking the time to watch

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One for The Dads!

This is a short story I would like to share especially to the young #entrepreneur dads out there. Please watch until the end but this is something for you to think about.

It is something that appeared on my timeline some years ago but a brilliant short story to share for all the #dads who are working hard to support their families.

It is also relevant to all the hard-working mums, but mums have superpowers they can multi-task so really for the dads.

My 5 top tips for business and that I would give my younger self

If you are a young #entrepreneur or you are starting a #Business or maybe you have a business already, these are 5 top tips that will accelerate your growth and allow you to achieve even more than you believed to be possible.

1) Be Prolific, not Perfect
2) Dream Bigger
3) Ask for What you want
4) Be Everywhere
5) Don’t worry about what you do not control

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What beach would you like to visit?

So we all lead busy lives but rarely take a moment to think about where we would like to go or what Beaches we may want to visit. This is a simple and quick exercise especially as life is all about memory hooks.

Where would you like to go if you could go anywhere in the world and why?

Keep being awesome and as always wishing you all the success in the world.

How to Keep A Positive Mindset

It is okay not to be okay but when the chips are down here are some top tips on how to keep a positive mindset. I will to a bigger more in-depth video on this subject but you are alive and that is the most successful thing in the world.

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Do something today your Future self will be proud of!

Okay, so this exercise is super powerful and really easy to do so there is no reason why you should not do this.

In fact, do this monthly quarterly and yearly it is a fantastic exercise then come back and post your results.

One of my favourite sayings is to predict the future first you must create it.

So what will your future self be proud of and what will be your success journey for the future. Have an amazing day and if you enjoyed this tip be sure to like and share the channel.

Grow your business with this Top Tip

This is one of the most powerful tips you can do in your business today to grow bigger than you can imagine. Stop thinking small and start thinking bigger.

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5 Top Tips For A Successful Week Ahead

1. Get an early start, with some exercise maybe a walk or a run. I prefer 2000 metres on the rowing machine to get the blood pumping, then a good breakfast I like a routine of x2 poached eggs on toast.

2. Reflect on last week and what went well for you. Then list what you are going to achieve this week and review your plan.

3. Schedule meetings with your team and or conference calls/video calls with clients later in the week or for the following week. It’s always a good idea to do this on a Monday or Tuesday as diaries start to get full later in the week.

4. Say well done to a colleague or member of your team and say well done for a job or task completed.

It is easy to forget to say this when you yourself are very busy.

Also, look at yourself in the mirror and say well done to yourself.

This may feel uncomfortable but we very rarely if ever acknowledge our own successes. Plus only you can truly push yourself to be a better version of you.

5. What problems are you going to solve this week personally and in your business?

How are you going to show and tell the world?

Are your customers aware of the problems you solve and do they buy more than one product or service from you?

To predict the future first you must create it, now today is the perfect day to turn on BEAST MODE, go smash your week and I wish you all the success in the world.

How FULL are your LIFE Buckets?

In life we are usually so busy that it is difficult to strike a balance but here is a simple exercise that you can always re-visit anytime and the answer will always change depending on when in your life and the time you ask and answer these questions.

How full are your buckets right now and what buckets do you need to improve?

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What is a Video Sales Letter? & Why you should be using them!

So Video Sales Letters or as I prefer to call them Video Success Letters are so powerful that if you are not using these in your business or personally right now you are mad.

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