Finding Your Niche

A lot of people say to me, “what is your niche?”

This question got me thinking, I’ve done lots of things and experienced a lot in the last 18 years of business and the previous 40 years of my life. So I would say that I don’t have one particular niche, because you’re forever evolving in your life in your experiences, in the roles that you take, whether it be your business or somebody else’s business.

So, this question has always rattled my brain. For over 18 years; I have owned a media and technology business So my niche is media and technology, as it is something I am very passionate about and have advised companies and brands in one way or another, whether it is an app, a film, or series of digital assets and content to support products or services.

I love what Elon Musk is doing, and I follow his ups and downs in business as I do many leaders in this space.

Gary Vee recently posted, now, I’ve not met Gary Vee. But we do share some quite similar beliefs. So I’m sure we will meet up at some point. But he said something interesting. That was that ” you are your niche, that couldn’t be any more truthful, could it because actually, we are all as individuals, individual and unique, and that is, in fact, a niche.

So just being you, means you’re already different from everybody else. Now you will naturally evolve and will be influenced by other influencers or people or even the media.

But you are unique, and I say a lot, obviously, about the most successful thing in the world is the fact that you’re alive. I mean, that is the greatest success.

In the fire brigade, I saw lots of people who had committed suicide, and I saw the most horrific things. And everybody, at some point, will feel low and have negative thoughts. But when you remember that you are alive as you will when you do the best exercise in the world, stretching your arms out, you are not in a coffin. At that point, you remember you’re alive. Then you can remember that you are unique and that your niche is you.

The reason people buy from you in business, over the years, or going forward, is because they hire you or they buy your team, or they buy the culture and the service that you provide or the problems that you solve.

These problems that you solve in these relationships that you build over time are because people buy people. So you don’t necessarily have to pigeonhole yourself into one niche. Every successful person I’ve ever met has done multiple things.

Now they might, do or have technology businesses or property and there’s one sort of sector that they might be active. But if you then work in multiple industries, or you observe and look at other areas, then success leaves clues, right?

After success comes clues (AFTER) People take Action, they Fail, they Take note, and they Evolve and Re-enter This is my success cycle.



Take note



So, for me, remember, when people say what your niche is, of course, you will have an area of expertise. Mine is media and technology. But, when you’re telling your story, remember, there is only one you. So, therefore, you are unique. And your uniqueness of only being one of you means you, in turn, are your niche. And that is what people buy. People buy your relationships, your personality.

If you give a stamp of approval, in my business, if I say, “we’re gonna do a particular project,” we do it. And if my team says, “we’re gonna do a project,” the team will smash it because it is my team. After all, the team is awesome.

But that’s because I surround myself with amazing people, as you should in life. It also helps to be part of a mastermind group or have a business coach or mentors surround yourself with like-minded people in your circle.

For me, I’m doing more on the speaking side now, and I’m doing more on social media.

People are also talking a lot about haters, and you get haters and negative messages, I have been asked how do you deal with that? “lions don’t care for the opinions of sheep.” And I’ve said that quite a few times on some of the quotes I’ve done. I love this statement.

That doesn’t mean you don’t care for sheep. It just means if you attack a lion, the lion will eat you, and a lion doesn’t walk through its pride, worried about what sheep think. It’ll just eat them.

If you look at the Circle of Life come into animation with me here, I suppose having an animation company, Circle of Life for Lion King, is just protecting the whole pride.

So anyway, this is just some randomness I was going on to say today. Remember, you are your niche. And you are your brand, your reason why people buy from you and the team and the people around you. If these people believe in you and have the same vision and values, you will take on the universe.

No one goes to work to do a lousy job. Everyone goes to work to do the best of what is their capability. So, remember, you are your niche. Have an epic day, and take care.