NFT Lions – Properties

Why not come and view our recently created Metaverse Properties in Cryptovoxels.

A Metaverse is a virtual-reality space where users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users. Our Virtual spaces are used as a virtual galleries for our NFT art and as a super cool meeting place.

Virtual Reality is not going away anytime soon, and if you’re not ahead of the curve, you’re lagging behind!


21 Properties in the Metaverse

Currently in Cryptovoxels
– Vibes Islands x 12 a Mini Disneyland to NFT Lions
– Satoshi Island x 7 With A Marina and Advertising
– Miami x 2 Large Gallery & Micro Stand

Cryptovoxels Properties – Vibes Island

NFT Lions Marina

This Parcel is connected to a number of surrounding NFT Lion Galleries along with displays showing some of the collection be sure to visit The Marina one of the coolest plots on Vibes with a totally chilled vibe & a Sky Bar with NFT Cocktails. [CLICK TO VISIT]

Mane Stage

This Party location is in the heart of Vibes an out door stage area for drop parties & live streams into the metaverse, broadcast live shows and exclusive drops with legends & friends [CLICK HERE TO VISIT]

Collectibles Gallery

This Property showcases a number of collectible projects in the collection of Legends & Friends with a Sky Bar over looking Mane Stage a cool place to chill and checkout some awesome projects. [CLICK HERE TO VISIT]

NFT Lions – Ocean View

A Property with 2 Galleries for Artists wanting to show their work in Cryptovoxels but do not own a property if you would like to exhibit FOC be sure to reach out in clubhouse to Twitter. Sky Bar with NFT Drinks & Displays showcasing NFT Lions. [CLICK HERE TO VISIT]

Cryptovoxels Properties – Satoshi Island

NFT Lions Marina – Satoshi

A Property with 4 Plots merged together to show some of my early #NFTS along with a gallery with quotes in the walls to help motivate you on a Blue day [CLICK HERE TO VISIT]

NFT Lions Cubs – Tower

A Property with 2 Plots merged together to show all things #NFTLionCubs and the next generation of #NFT Artists be sure to drop by [CLICK HERE TO VISIT]