NFT Jungle Roadmap

WHOOP WHOOP Here is a list of collective projects Roadmap for the NFT Jungle, The #NFTLions, #NFTLionCubs & #JungleFriends

Some of these dates are subject to change but as you can see we have achieved so much already and the future we are creating together is going to be totally awesome. Watch this space..

NFT Jungle

NFT Jungle

November 25

Diamond & VIP

As the next Phase of the project is underway the website has now been updated to show Diamond & VIP Passes. If you own an NFTLion or an NFTLionCub you will soon be able to gain access to the Jungle Club along with tickets & events run or attended by Ricky ODonnell. Additional Perks will be announced inside the Jungle Club

December 18

Christmas Party in the Cryptovoxels Metaverse

So we will be hosting various parties in the metaverse with friends and legends. Watch this space times TBC

January 28

New NFT Jungle Club Login

A new area of the website is currently being built for the jungle club you will be able to get access to your lions, your lion cubs and exclusive dates & times for spaces and discord parties along with events as the world unlocks.

August 18

NFT Jungle Friends

The NFT Jungle is going to get some new creatures and characters with the launch of 10,000 Jungle friends. Currently in production for release August 2022.

September 7

UK NFT Conference

After the success of the UK’s first NFT show we will be having the largest conference in Europe due to COVID has now been moved to September 2022. Watch this space currently in planning. Dates TBC