Minting – #NFTLionCubs

Welcome to the NFT Jungle – Minting Page

Minting Adoptions (NOW OPEN)

Here YOU will be able to generate YOUR very own #NFTLionCub, remember if you find an #NFTLionCub that YOU love and you don’t mint him or her, he or she could be lost forever.

Unlike most projects these cubs are not pre-assembled they are created once you press generate.

The cub you see once generated may never get adopted in the combination again with ONLY 5000 cubs can be generated and over 1 Trillion combinations, 8 billion People on the Planet have fun with the generator.

Which cub will YOU choose?

Whoop Whoop

Gas Checker

Minting – Step By Step Guide

*note: You will need to be on a laptop or desktop as mobile phones & or iPads are not supported for minting.

If GAS is high make sure you have sufficient funds as you could lose your cub and eth. Have fun with the generator & enjoy

You will need a metamask wallet to mint a lion cub. If you don’t have one, you can install it from here: