NFT Jungle Roadmap

WHOOP WHOOP Here is a list of collective projects Roadmap for the NFT Jungle, The #NFTLions, #NFTLionCubs & #JungleFriends

Some of these dates are subject to change but as you can see we have achieved so much already and the future we are creating together is going to be totally awesome. Watch this space..

NFT Jungle

NFT Jungle

June 11

NFT Lions are launched

NFT Lions were released in the NFT Jungle for 0.18 eth. Each uniquely crafted in Maya, the first NFT Lions now know as the OG Lions on Etherium Blockchain. 100% of funds raised in the initial sales have been invested back into the NFT Community, with a donation to charity.

June 11

NFT Lions – Cryptovoxels

All NFT Lion owners have been added to the wall of owners in the NFT Jungle additional properties have been purchased to advertise and promote the NFT Lions as well as parties in the Metaverse. Currently, 21 properties with galleries, stages and bars.

August 14

NFT Lions (1st Gift)

All NFT Lion owners were gifted an NFT Cocktail to celebrate the opening of various bars in the Metaverse. NFT JUNGLE BAR

August 20

NFT Lions (Excel London)

NFT Lions are exhibited at the UK’s first NFT show hosted by Ricky O’Donnell, at Excel London with over 3,000 visitors learning about the NFT Lions and interviews with legends & Friends. Live clubhouse rooms broadcasting throughout the show.

October 22

NFT Lion Owners (2nd Gift)

Lion owners will have 24 hours to claim their NFT Lion Cubs before they are put up for adoption in pre-sales. The 24hrs starts from the 22/10/21 at 2pm UK Time. #NFTLions can still be purchased in the secondary market on Opensea search #NFTLions

October 23

NFT Lion Cubs will go on Pre-Sale

The NFT Lion Cubs will go on pre-sale 2 pm UK Time.

October 25

NFT Lion Cubs Drop Party & Public Sale

NFT Lion Cubs will be available for public sale for 0.07 eth.

October 31

Halloween Party

Party in Cryptovoxels on Mane Stage on Vibes Island & Satoshi Marina. Details to follow.

November 22

Website Update

When You login to the generator the cubs you own are shown below the generator. This new feature has been added to allow owners of NFTLionCubs to download highres version of their cubs with & without backgrounds, so they can be easily placed onto shirts, mugs or custom backgrounds.

November 24

Black Friday Offer

As Black Friday is soon approaching (Friday the 26th November). If You mint an #nftlioncub with one or more of the new Christmas traits. We will gift you a free mint pass for gas only week commencing 29th Nov but you must mint before 9am UK Time Monday the 29th November.