NFT Lion Cubs

Brought to you by Ricky O’Donnell & RJDM Studios

The Lion Cubs are roaming the #NFTJungle as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain, will you be lucky enough to adopt an NFT Lion Cub?

A collection of 5,000 randomly generated NFT Lion Cubs

The offspring of the original 100 NFTLions

– Princes & princesses of the NFT Jungle
– Multiple backgrounds to choose from
– Over 1 Trillion possible combinations
– 2048px X 2048px resolution artwork
– Which pride will you choose?

Create your own version of your chosen cubs, print them, create artwork or merchandise, but be sure to look after them. They will be keys to the jungle club.

Adoption Minting





Too many options to choose from

Multiple Backgrounds


You will be spoilt for choice with the #NFTLionCubs Generator.

128+ Body types

There are more than 128 body types including, the Original OG #NFTLions.

These body types will increase overtime making the probability to mint a NFTLion Cub in the trillions.

If YOU see an NFT Lion Cub YOU like, be sure to mint him or her or you could be waiting a while to see them again have fun!

40+ Eye types

There are more than 40 eye types including, the Original OG #NFTLions. These will be added on a regular basis to increase the variety and rarity of each #nftlioncub Whoop Whoop.

25+ Backgrounds

There are more than 25 Possible backgrounds. These will be added on a regular basis to increase the variety and rarity of each #nftlioncub Whoop Whoop.

33+ Toys, Dummies, Bottles, Claws & Kiss Curls

These will be added on a regular basis to increase the variety and rarity of each #nftlioncub Whoop Whoop. Not to mention the Gold Crowns, Devil Wings, Angel Halos & so much more…

12+ New Christmas Traits & Accessories

These will be added to over the festive period. Sprinkle a little bit of festive spirit into the #nftjungle buy minting your very own festive #nftlioncub Whoop Whoop!

What is an NFT Lion Cub?

NFT Lion Cubs are the next generation of the OG NFT Lions.

The NFT Lion Cubs have been handcrafted by Ricky O’Donnell & RJDM Studios. Each component has been placed into carefully created layers that can be composited programmatically, currently with over 1 Trillion possible combinations & only 5,000 lion cubs. The chances of the same NFT Lion Cub appearing again is extremely rare.

Where can I buy an NFT Lion Cub?

5,000 NFT Lion Cubs will be mintable from this webpage by

– Connecting your Metamask wallet.
– Generating a NFT Lion Cub.
– Once you are happy with the chosen NFT Lion Cub.
– You will be able to give your Lion cub a name, think carefully as the name is permanent.
– Click mint & sign the cost & gas fees.
– The NFT Lion Cubs will then appear in your wallet once confirmed on the blockchain.

Once The NFT Lion Cubs are sold out you may be able to buy an NFT Lion cub on the secondary market.

What is the NFT Lion Cub Generator & Why is it different?

So with most NFT collectible projects you genuinely blind mint, so you end up buying multiple copies of a project in the hope to get something cool. In most cases people sell on secondary what they don’t want at a loss to get rid of the unwanted NFTS which in turn reduces the floor value.

Now imagine if you could choose what you mint so you wouldn’t have to wait for a reveal the generator would create an NFT Lion Cub and you would decide if you adopt or not.

This is where the generator is different, we have no idea what the combination of cubs will be when they are generated but we do know if you do not mint what is generated you could potentially lose the cub forever or click the generate 100s of millions of times to bring the one you want back.

For this reason what will be rare, common or in demand will be entirely up to the NFT Community, the power and the future of the NFT Lion Cubs is in your hands, question is do you feel lucky. But hopefully you will have fun choosing your cubs. You can keep pressing generate until you are happy. You can then name your NFT Lion Cub so choose wisely.

I don't have a Metamask Wallet what should I do?

Visit Metamask setup a crypto wallet

Once you have your wallet be sure to transfer or add Ethereum to your wallet in order to be able to purchase an NFT Lion Cub

Will any more NFT Lion Cubs be minted?

This particular collection is limited to 5,000 only, so choose the NFT Lion Cubs you want to mint carefully, but be sure to have fun using the generator!

You will be able to choose your NFT Lion Cubs name, so think carefully as this will be important should you wish to put your NFT Lion Cubs up for adoption in the future.

What does the Road Map look like?

The NFT Jungle ROAD MAP will be updated with the latest NEWS and EVENTS.

Be sure to watch this space and we look forward to sharing the NFT Journey with you all.

*note: Some dates and times may change so be sure to check back to get the latest information.

Keep Safe, Keep Well & Stay Awesome

NFT Jungle

NFT Jungle

November 25

Diamond & VIP

As the next Phase of the project is underway the website has now been updated to show Diamond & VIP Passes. If you own an NFTLion or an NFTLionCub you will soon be able to gain access to the Jungle Club along with tickets & events run or attended by Ricky ODonnell. Additional Perks will be announced inside the Jungle Club

December 18

Christmas Party in the Cryptovoxels Metaverse

So we will be hosting various parties in the metaverse with friends and legends. Watch this space times TBC

January 28

New NFT Jungle Club Login

A new area of the website is currently being built for the jungle club you will be able to get access to your lions, your lion cubs and exclusive dates & times for spaces and discord parties along with events as the world unlocks.

June 13

OG NFT Lions evolution

This may be brought forward

August 18

NFT Jungle Friends

The NFT Jungle is going to get some new creatures and characters with the launch of 10,000 Jungle friends. Currently in production for release August 2022.

September 7

UK NFT Conference

After the success of the UK’s first NFT show we will be having the largest conference in Europe due to COVID has now been moved to September 2022. Watch this space currently in planning. Dates TBC

September 22

Phase 1 – NFT Jungle Metaverse Launch

We have been working on our very own NFT Jungle Metaverse a world where NFT Lions, NFT Lion Cubs & Jungle friends will be able to purchase & or claim land. This maybe released sooner but this project has started in August 2021.

October 15

OG NFT Lions Land Parcels