NFT Lions

Brought to you by Ricky O’Donnell & RJDM Studios

Now Released into The NFT Jungle

Unlockables will be updated with 3D Files

Keep Safe, Keep Well & Stay Awesome


Is part of a new series of unique NFTS with 100 Lions & Lionesses with each NFT you will gain access to unlockable content including a 3D OBJ file of your purchased Lion.

Once purchased you can create derivatives of your lion for secondary markets, or to grow your pride whilst also gain access to the NFT Jungle futures. With future unlockables and future events when the world unlocks, each piece has been created with love and a unique story with superpowers.

The Lions are exclusive to currently and are on the Etherium BlockChain, currently working with the metamask wallet & priced in etherium.

Prices are dependent on Powers & Accessories Prices will start from 0.1 eth and will vary but prices will only ever go up.

These Lions are all 1 of 1’s with a portrait version to be a 1 of 10

However you can still mint yourself an #nftlioncub

 NFTLionCubs Minting Page