So what is SLCPocket?

It is a resource which is like a NETFLIX of Business currently SLCPocket has courses from #SUCCESSLEAVESCLUES – Ricky O’Donnell and takes knowledge from over 18 years in Business and learning outcomes from the journey. Soon to include additional courses from Mentors and coaches.

The FREE courses are a great start for anyone who is looking to start a business or manage and create time, the content in these courses are the reason I was able to mentally overcome cancer due to not having any regrets, they helped me work on my business not in it.

People don’t usually see the value of FREE content. The thing is you can get all content and learning from the net but you have to TEST, FAIL, LEARN & REVISIT it is very rarely in one place. Most people will not go beyond the initial courses as that is a huge implementation in its own right. However if you want to go up to the next level then you can purchase an individual course or subscribe to the success pack which is £95 per month.



Some people will believe this to be high but actually it is extremely cheap considering it is half a lifetime of learning all in one place, especially as you would pay hundreds if not thousands of pounds to a coach or mentor for just one of these topics included.

Also you can LEARN something at a conference or from a coach / mentor but you will forget it all within 30 days and become to busy so not move forward with SLCPOCKET you can revisit your learnings and notes anytime all in one place, the reality is you need discipline to implement one thing at the end of each module.

You might say why should I learn from you?

The reality is you don’t but if you choose to create TIME, strike a good WORK LIFE Balance and need a little direction and push that is where SLCPocket is successful.

The reality is BUSINESS is tough and not everyone has been lucky enough to be in front of the people I have been in front of or work with the brands I have not only this but I was also blessed when I got CANCER. You heard that correct it was a blessing as I now live in the future and this is the start of my legacy.

I want FRIENDS all over the WORLD so my Kids have FRIENDS all over the world. With over 8 Billion people on the planet 1 billion friends truly can be powerful and insight huge change.

If people become SUCCESSFUL in LIFE then it does not need to be about the money. Only once you are successful in LIFE can you realise that you then need to make money. You can have all the money in the world but not be happy. The same is trues if you live in a middle class mind set as GC would say you are broke.

You see if someone close to you became unwell could you afford the best treatment in the world to help if the answer to this is no then you are broke. Also after a LIFE reality check you realise what is your legacy?

So SLCPocket.com was born, SLCPocket really is a fantastic resource of content, learning and content but you have to be in the race for a chance to win so what are you racing for?