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Why customer service is important?

15th December 2020

Why customer service is important? Below are some questions to get you thinking if you answer these they will help increase customer loyalty, increase the amount of money a customer will spend with you, increase the frequency of purchase and create positive word-of-mouth about your business service or product. It is believed in some businesses […]

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The Birth of Digital Brew – During COVID19

22nd April 2020

For some, the future is unclear. You see it is 2020, and there is a global pandemic, and for some people and their businesses, families, and personally, this crisis will be affecting everyone. One of my favourite sayings I heard when interviewing a Director sometime ago was “to predict the future first you must create […]

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When your world appears to be on fire

9th April 2020

When your world appears to be burning, be sure to remember from the ashes, you will build a healthier, better world to live in. One hopefully, with more humility, caring and inner peace. Though it may not seem like it for most people right now, whatever your current adversity you will overcome it, if you […]

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22nd October 2019

So what is SLCPocket? It is a resource which is like a NETFLIX of Business currently SLCPocket has courses from #SUCCESSLEAVESCLUES – Ricky O’Donnell and takes knowledge from over 18 years in Business and learning outcomes from the journey. Soon to include additional courses from Mentors and coaches. The FREE courses are a great start […]

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ricky odonnell

Business Coach v Business Mentor

1st October 2019

What is the difference between a business coach and a business mentor? Coaches can lead you to a door they may not have been through. Mentors can share their experience or walk with you as they already have the scars from whatever is behind the door. (Both are important but have different roles even though […]

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