Why customer service is important?

Why customer service is important?

Below are some questions to get you thinking if you answer these they will help increase customer loyalty, increase the amount of money a customer will spend with you, increase the frequency of purchase and create positive word-of-mouth about your business service or product.

It is believed in some businesses that once a customer buys from you that is where the journey ends after the purchase but this could not be even more wrong!

You see this is where the journey continues, what is the current customer journey in your business right now from entry to exit.

Be sure to have your processes in place in your business with standards you are happy with from the initial call or online enquiry to the close and promises in place with follow up and quality after-sales. an example would be, all enquires to be answered promptly within x time. How many touches do you have in your current customer journey and is that enough if you could introduce more what would they be?

But for now, as you are reading this post here are some questions to think about

How can you make your product or service better?

When was the last time you spoke to one of your customers & Asked how could you make your product/service or team better?

When were you last on the shop floor, in the factory or experiencing your customer journey?

Would you buy your product or service?

If you would why not try it and see what happens?

Why do your customers buy from you?

What problems does your product/service or team solve?

Have you ever asked your customers what you solve for them?

If your product or service is truly awesome the finances will take care of themselves but you have to shout from the rooftops or ask your customers to do if for you & if your product or service is truly awesome 😎 you won’t need to ask.

For a more detailed breakdown of this and a guide for best practices be sure to check out the course.


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