When your world appears to be on fire

When your world appears to be burning, be sure to remember from the ashes, you will build a healthier, better world to live in. One hopefully, with more humility, caring and inner peace.

Though it may not seem like it for most people right now, whatever your current adversity you will overcome it, if you hit even more trouble, it is just life testing you.

But you are alive, no matter how hard it gets and how hard you feel it is getting, remember someone somewhere wishes they had what you have.

A year from now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now we will all have a story to share some a lifetime of stories that can be shared with future generations.

L = Live
I = It
F = Fully
E = Everyday

We have seen in these testing times that not all heroes wear capes, in fact, the world is being supported, by caring and most cases underpaid heroes who previously may have had verbal abuse from a fast-paced world.

The world has paused, and the pace has slowed to see new heroes. Not Spiderman, Super Man, Iron Man or Super Woman, but new heroes, these heroes who risk their lives every day have remained the same true to there daily lives but working harder than ever to keep the world spinning.

Once the world resets and starts spinning again, let us hope people remember all those who helped from the nurses, the doctors, delivery drivers, porters, cleaners, shop assistants, teachers, fire service, police and so so so many more.

We live in such a fast-paced world and to pause to listen to reflect on what is essential in life, spend time with family and tune out of all the noise in our lives we will find inner peace.

The worlds pain has opened up many eyes, and unfortunately closed many eyes too soon eyes that now look down on us all from a better place. Bright Shining Stars in the Night Sky.

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