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start taking action

Tough LOVE!

19th November 2020

So have you ever said these words? I don’t have enough time right now I can’t afford it right now Yes BUT! I know Would Like to But I need to But It’s tough right now ill start tomorrow I want to but He said She said So if you have said or say the […]

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The Birth of Digital Brew – During COVID19

22nd April 2020

For some, the future is unclear. You see it is 2020, and there is a global pandemic, and for some people and their businesses, families, and personally, this crisis will be affecting everyone. One of my favourite sayings I heard when interviewing a Director sometime ago was “to predict the future first you must create […]

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When your world appears to be on fire

9th April 2020

When your world appears to be burning, be sure to remember from the ashes, you will build a healthier, better world to live in. One hopefully, with more humility, caring and inner peace. Though it may not seem like it for most people right now, whatever your current adversity you will overcome it, if you […]

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