The Importance of Speaking on Stages

11th October 2019

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ricky odonnell

Business Coach v Business Mentor

1st October 2019

What is the difference between a business coach and a business mentor? Coaches can lead you to a door they may not have been through. Mentors can share their experience or walk with you as they already have the scars from whatever is behind the door. (Both are important but have different roles even though […]

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10X Growth Con 3

7th February 2019

Okay so Wednesday 4:30am I was flying business class with the UK 10X Family. What is #10XGrowthCon3 it is the largest conference of entrepreneurs on the planet 35,000 people in Marlins Stadium Miami. Created by Grant Cardone and his amazing team. Who is Grant Cardone, well he is known also as Uncle G – I […]

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Beating Cancer & Work Life Balance

22nd January 2019

So it is easy to get caught up in work and watch life pass you by. We have all done it and in most cases some of you still are working every hour you can. The reality is you have to work smarter not harder. When I first started like most, I worked every hour […]

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Business Culture


1st January 2019

DO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING SOUND FAMILIAR? – Low staff engagement – Poor communication – Lack of structured reward and recognition – High staff turnover – No sense of team spirit – Spending on staff incentives but no real improvement – Problems instilling positive company values and culture The truth is these are all problems […]

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10X Business Boot Camp – MIAMI 2018

26th July 2018

So on Thursday the 19th July Paul & I headed to Miami as VIP’s to Grant Cardones – 10X Business Boot Camp. 4 days of learning, networking and sharing experiences & showcasing our VR technologies. Three months ago we did not know who Grant Cardone was, it was when he spoke at expert empires where […]

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